Gill Lucas

Gill Lucas’s work for this show was made primarily during 2021 and 2022 and reflects her experiences of the time.

After considerable thought she has decided to show a portrait of her mother, who died in April 2021. The work was begun shortly before her mother’s death. In retrospect, she sees its completion as forming an important part of her own mourning.

The portrait casts a light on the remaining works shown here. The strange and inevitable grief of bereavement was accompanied by the singular physical isolation and uncertainty of lockdown.

It was a time, both internally and externally, of reconsidering and renegotiating what had hitherto been taken for granted. This included physical closeness and everyday encounters with family and friends.

Her work mirrors her life at the time: informed by the way she very slowly began to process her loss. Her painting indicates a strong sense of isolation – wide open spaces, skies, seas and estuaries.

And life went on… joy returned spasmodically and sometimes she danced…

Gill took a break from her painting practice in mid 2022, focusing instead on drawing, primarily with pencil, crayon, ink and pastels. She has recently resumed working with oil paint and practises from her studio in Southwark.

Instagram: @gilllucas5