Caroline Ingham

In this exhibition Caroline Ingham is exhibiting her most recent Absent Bodies Series. Working between sculpture and drawing, in this work Caroline continues to examine the body and our relationship with it at times of vulnerability and bodily doubt.

Referencing her own experience of chronic illness, this work is both a celebration of the resilience of the human body as well as an acknowledgement of its fragility and ‘misbehaviour’. With a profound interest in materials, she combines a variety of media in her hand-stitched suspended works. This experimental attitude towards making enables her to move seamlessly between working in 3D and drawing, a symbiotic relationship in which she allows the disciplines to inform each other in an unconscious manner. This connection is clearly discernible in her Absent Bodies Series, where the shadows cast by the works have become the subject of the drawings and in turn this examination of the shapes of the shadows makes them the inspiration for her next three-dimensional pieces. Light and shadows are especially important to Caroline as they activate the work and add a sense of the ephemeral underlining the transitory nature of all things.

In 2020 Caroline Ingham completed an MA Fine Art (Painting) at Camberwell College of Arts, University of the Arts London. Prior to this she had many years of experience working in national museums, during which she designed and managed major gallery projects at the British Museum and was formerly Head of Design at the Natural History Museum. She currently works from her studio in Peckham, South London.

Website: Caroline Ingham
Instagram: @carolineingham_paintings