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  1. Thank you! A brilliant exhibition experience – novel and provocative. Being alone with an exhibit albeit in virtual space is strangely satisfying and the variety so very welcome…Congratulations to all. This unusual Monday morning ‘visit’is particularly stimulating for one who yearns for the new and surprising visual treats and conundrums. My only techie suggestion would be for a single thumbnail picture to appear on the Artists’ statements. On with the show!

  2. One of my friends recently lost her husband and suffered the additional heartache of being unable to be with him in hospital while he lived.

    Her pain at this time is hard to imagine, but the images by Catherine James resonate with her distress by illustrating both an all-consuming central bleak horror of pain and also the peripheral prospect of hope thereafter.

  3. The joy of a virtual exhibit is being able to visit at the same as my sister who lives in a different country & time zone. We enjoyed looking at the artwork & discussing it together. Thank you for sharing your work!
    One question- if this was not a virtual gallery, would you have had music playing & if so what type?

  4. Some very different exhibitors! The ones by Catherine James made me think of the science fiction front covers from the 70’s! Well done to all exhibitors!

  5. Well done and congratulations to the artists for a marvellous exhibition! A virtual success! 6 VERY different genres , all complimentary to each with their collective of works. I particularly enjoyed wandering the linocuts of Terry Barber. Strong, bold, yet whimsical . Bravo six!

  6. Wonderful exhibition. Some amazing work – some quite dystopian and disturbing and some giving glimmers of hope in these dark times. Congratulations to all the artists.

  7. Wonderful to see how lockdown and the pandemic has not stunted the development and enthusiasm of the Six but provided them with stimulus to produce such interesting and varied works. I’ve enjoyed visiting the ‘real’ exhibitions and now love looking at the virtual ones. Congratulations too on making is so easy to scroll round the exhibition and enlarge the works.

  8. Beautifully and elegantly put together. Well done! So nice to walk around a show, albeit virtually. Reminds me how much I miss it.

  9. Congratulations on finding ways to exhibit your work in these starange times – inspiring. An interesting and varied show which illustrated the commitment of you all. I particularly liked the work of Caroline Ingham, which seemed to sum up the complexity of emotion encountered in these times, and as a human being. I also loved some of Octavia Milner’s paintings, which evoked thoughts and feelings of my own walks in lockdown.

  10. Great exhibition! Enjoyed walking through (virtually) with a friend. Really interested ideas around the body and our current situation in lockdown.

    Thank you

  11. Fantastic exhibition! Wonderful, thought provoking work and so well displayed. Congratulations to everyone involved. I, too, was reminded how much I miss going to exhibitions in person.

  12. A little bit of escapism and a touch of normality to virtually attend this innovative exhibition. Fabulous concept and content by all the artists. I would love to see the silks by Catherine James recorded to see the interplay of light on and through the images.

  13. So proud of you all! Another fabulous exhibition and so great to see each of your continuing developments. Sorry I looked on 19th but forgot to leave a message.Warmest wishes Erika

  14. A huge well done to all of you for your artist portrayal of this complex pandemic situation when our senses are so important at a time when there is so much to process. I particularly liked Octavia’s , Terry’s and Gill’s contribution , I suppose in part they connect with my need to acknowledge and let myself feel the worst , the best , the progression and balance, between nature and humans. Thanks for the invite to your exhibition x Kate

  15. Congratulations all. I was particularly drawn to Terry’s linocuts. Interpretation is personal, and Terry’s work transported me to South Africa, reminding me of the ebony craft statues on show wherever you go. Catherine’s work is also very beautiful – I love digital photography, and am particularly drawn to drone photography, and aerial views. Fabulous exhibition. Look forward to the next one, hopefully in person.

  16. Thanks to all the artists for sharing their very stimulating and thought-provoking takes on what we are all going through.

  17. The show and the website are beautifully curated and presented.
    I found it a surprisingly tender and moving experience work despite the tech interface with the work.
    Thank you for taking the time and effort to share and present your work and statements with us.

  18. I’ve visited this exhibition several times and each time found something new to make me stop and think – so much so that I forgot to leave any comment! Inspiring images and good to see the medium of photography included.
    Many thanks to all involved. When is the next one?

  19. Wow! Thank you to all the artists for curating this welcome virtual exhibition. Each piece was thought-provoking and innovative in its own unique way. I love that you were all able to create art that was not only beautiful but topical.

    Caroline’s concept felt especially relevant, and I wish I could have seen these works in person. I was floored by Octavia Milner’s ‘Fire at Dawn’, and Catherine James’ entire series was a breathtaking journey into another world, one we all may want to escape to.

    I hope you’re able to continue curating more exhibits because I feel like you have plenty more to say through your art.

  20. I really enjoyed this exhibition. All the artists have done a fantastic job of capturing the essence of life over the past year, all in their unique ways.
    I was very impressed by Caroline Ingham’s work. She’s got a powerful vision and the story behind her series is amazing. I do think because her series incorporated tactile materials, it would have been even better to see it in real life. I couldn’t get the complete feel of it in digital. But a series examining counter-normative health proponents in the time of COVID is brilliant!
    Catherine James’ Imagined Planet series was stunning. I kept going back to them. What a beautiful and unexpected perspective on the world.
    Octavia Milner’s abstracts told an amazing story. I loved viewing them individually and then going back to the series to understand the story. It captured life in lockdown but also had a freeing sense to it.
    A wonderful collection of works and I do hope to see more from everyone involved.

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