Catherine James

Imagined planet I (Dawn), 2021

Catherine James’ practice is grounded in print and combines traditional techniques with digital technologies. The work exploits the materiality of paper and cloth and the immateriality of digital processes, and considers the historicity of print and photography.

In this sequence of work, images of structures and water found in landscapes have been collected and merged to create new, imagined planets. These fictional planetary bodies are completely isolated from existing (inhabited) places and represent the solitude we hope we will find when occupying rural spaces. Each planet has been printed on silk. The translucency of this cloth allows the changing light conditions during the day to shine through the image, recreating the light cycle experienced on planets orbiting a central star.

Catherine trained as an academic Obstetrician and Gynaecologist before completing a Fine Art Foundation diploma and an MA in the History of Art. Both clinical and historical training influence her creative work.

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